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If You’re Hearing These Sounds, You Probably Need Auto Repair in Spruce Grove

By gc-adminpanel on 1 November 18 Blog

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“Hey, my car’s been making some weird sounds.  I tried turning up the radio, but that didn’t help!” 

It’s an old joke, but one that isn’t really funny to a car mechanic.  Too many people ignore the sounds their car is making, even when the sounds clearly indicate something is wrong. Very often, strange sounds are the first warning sign that something is going wrong under the hood. If those sounds are ignored, it almost always leads to worse damage or even engine failure.  You can save a lot of money by taking your car to a Spruce Grove auto repair shop as soon as you hear something strange!

If Your Car Is Making These Sounds, Take It for Auto Repair in Spruce Grove

  • Metallic knocking

If you’re hearing a knocking sound, or possibly a metal “ping”, that usually indicates a problem in the fuel ignition system.  It will probably be accompanied by a loss of responsiveness or acceleration.  The best-case scenario is that it’s just a bad spark plug, but it could also indicate more serious issues such as a broken fuel injector or cracked distributor cap.

  • Ticking or clicking

If you’re hearing any sort of ticking sound from under the hood, that usually means metal is impacting on metal in a way it shouldn’t.  This can often happen if your oil is critically low, so your first step should be to check the oil level and immediately add more if it is low.  However, if it’s not the oil, it’s probably a problem with your pushrods or struts. 

  • Popping sounds

There are a wide variety of things which can cause a popping sound under the hood, and none of them are good.  At best, it’s a dirty air filter, which is easily replaceable.  But it could also be problems with the spark plugs, a clogged fuel filter, or a problem almost anywhere in the electrical wiring.

  • Grinding sounds

Most often, if you hear a grinding sound, it’s when you’re braking – and that means your brake pads have worn down to nothing.  Get this fixed ASAP!  Your brakes could fail at any time. 

Come to Grove Collision for Auto Repair in Spruce Grove

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