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Keep Your Vehicle Running Well with These Simple Tips

By gc-adminpanel on 21 December 18 Blog

grove collision repairsHere at Grove Collision Repairs, we’re happy to fix any problems a person might have with their car, big or small.  However, so many of those problems are preventable!  People often neglect their cars or overlook easy ways to reduce the workload being put on those cars.

Sure, we could talk about obvious ones like “always check your oil,” but we also know a few tips that are less obvious.  So here are some ways you can keep your car happy, and out of the repair shop.

Four Easy Ways to Extend Your Car’s Life

  1. Let your car warm up before driving

One of the easiest ways to help a car perform well is also one of the least practiced.  All you need to do is wait 30-60 seconds between starting the car and actually beginning to drive.  That gives the time for the engine to warm up, and ensure oil is flowing properly around the engine.  Otherwise, you’re putting a lot of stress on your engine every time you back out of the driveway.

  1. Occasionally redline your RPMs

Believe it or not, but “punching it” – flooring the gas and revving the engine – is actually good for the car, as long as you only do it occasionally.  The sudden burst of power is great for clearing partial clogs out of fuel lines, and a few other places gunk may build up.  Obviously, do this safely.  Highway on-ramps are usually your best opportunity.

  1. Rethink that loaded-down road trip

If you want to make your car cry, load it down with maximum passengers, a bunch of luggage, and tow a trailer.  That sort of weight and strain is terrible for a vehicle unless it’s been built for it, like a heavy-duty pickup.  Consider renting a car for your next road trip instead.  It doesn’t cost all that much, and you’ll avoid a LOT of wear and tear on your primary vehicle.

  1. Get frequent car washes in the winter

Winter is hard on cars in general, but it’s particularly bad because the salt used to clear icy roads is terrible for your paint and undercarriage.  The salt can eat right through the metal, causing rusting or worse.  Frequent car washes are the solution here.

Need Body Work?  Come to Grove Collision Repairs

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