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Been Involved in A Rear-Ender? Take Your Car to A Spruce Grove Body Shop!

By gc-adminpanel on 1 January 19 Blog

Getting rear-ended is one of the single most common types of vehicle accident – accounting for roughly 40% of all recorded traffic accidents.  If this happens to you, it might be tempting to shrug off the damage and delay getting it fixed.  After all, all the important stuff in your car is up front, right? […]

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Keep Your Vehicle Running Well with These Simple Tips

By gc-adminpanel on 21 December 18 Blog

Here at Grove Collision Repairs, we’re happy to fix any problems a person might have with their car, big or small.  However, so many of those problems are preventable!  People often neglect their cars or overlook easy ways to reduce the workload being put on those cars.

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If Your Windshield Is Cracked, You Need Expert Auto Body Repair ASAP!

By gc-adminpanel on 1 December 18 Blog

There are a lot of ways that a windshield can become damaged, even ones which aren’t your fault.  All it can take is another car kicking up a loose piece of gravel, and suddenly there’s a noticeable crack in your windshield.  However, just because it’s a small crack doesn’t mean it should be ignored!  You […]

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If You’re Hearing These Sounds, You Probably Need Auto Repair in Spruce Grove

By gc-adminpanel on 1 November 18 Blog

“Hey, my car’s been making some weird sounds.  I tried turning up the radio, but that didn’t help!”  It’s an old joke, but one that isn’t really funny to a car mechanic.  Too many people ignore the sounds their car is making, even when the sounds clearly indicate something is wrong. Very often, strange sounds are […]

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Our Body Shop Team at Grove Collision Explains Accessories for Your Vehicle

By gc-adminpanel on 1 October 18 Blog

If you’ve recently invested in a new vehicle, you might be wondering about the accessories options that can enhance your driving and ownership experience. Our trusted team at Grove Collision Repairs body shop has great experience working with the newest vehicle accessories. So, in this latest post, we’ll explain more about the ideal accessories available […]

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Ready to Fix Your Auto Problems? Discover More about Signs You Require Alternator Repair in Spruce Grove

By gc-adminpanel on 1 September 18 Blog

It can be difficult to recognize signs that an auto fix is required. Our team at Grove Collision Request has trained for several decades to ensure we recognize these signs and provide a clear fix to your auto issues. In this latest post, we’ll delve into the topic a little further with the signs that […]

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The Benefits of Paint Protection Explained by Our Team at Grove Collision Parkland Car Body Shop

By gc-adminpanel on 31 August 18 Blog

By learning more about the protection aesthetic options for your vehicle, you can keep the car in peak condition for the years to come. Our experienced team at Grove Collision are committed to helping you protect the value of your investment, and within our new post, we’re highlighting the benefits of paint protection. Protects against […]

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Thinking of Getting A New Paint Job? Choose Your Color Carefully!

By gc-adminpanel on 1 April 18 Blog

Here at Grove Collision Repairs, in Spruce Grove, we spend a lot of time doing body work and repairs.  However, we also have a high-tech paint shop and we’re always happy to give your vehicle a shiny new look!  We can fix minor paint issues, help you color-match new parts to your existing paint, or […]

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Don’t Ignore Those Fender-Benders. Even Minor Collision Repair Should Be Done ASAP!

By gc-adminpanel on 1 February 18 Blog

A car’s bumper is made to be abused, and in the life of a car, you’re going to get dents and dings in your bumper.  They might be from extremely minor collisions, or even from something as simple as an errant shopping cart banging into your car. It can be tempting to ignore the damage.  After […]

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The Benefits of Choosing Paintless Dent Repair in Stony Plain

By gc-adminpanel on 22 January 18 Blog

Dents are probably a fact of life of vehicle ownership.  Even without getting into collisions, there are a lot of ways a dent can be left on a car.  They’re annoying, they make the car look worse, and they might even hurt its value. What are your options for getting dents removed?  There are a […]

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