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Been Involved in A Rear-Ender? Take Your Car to A Spruce Grove Body Shop!

By gc-adminpanel on 1 January 19 Blog

body shop groveGetting rear-ended is one of the single most common types of vehicle accident – accounting for roughly 40% of all recorded traffic accidents.  If this happens to you, it might be tempting to shrug off the damage and delay getting it fixed.  After all, all the important stuff in your car is up front, right?

Not really.  Even relatively minor rear-end collisions cause damage that can harm your car’s performance, or cause hazards when driving.  When you’re in any sort of collision, it really is best to take your car to a Spruce Grove body shop like Grove Collision Repair at the earliest opportunity.  Otherwise, these are some of the problems you could see as a result of a rear-end accident.

Four Big Problems Caused by Rear-End Collisions

  1. Rear wheel misalignment

Even very minor misalignments in your wheels can cause significant performance issues, particularly if your vehicle is rear-wheel drive.  However, even for front-wheel drive cars, misalignments can cause steering to become more difficult and cause problems on winding roads.  It can also make steering more difficult, by creating unusual vibrations in the wheel.

  1. Electrical malfunction

Don’t forget that there’s plenty of wiring in the rear of your car, particularly for controlling your rear lights and turn signals.  Besides making it more likely you’ll be involved in another accident; police love giving tickets for malfunctioning brake lights or turn signals – particularly since it gives them an excuse to look for other offenses while they’re at it.   

  1. Bent framework

If your car’s frame has been compromised, that can affect every other part of the car – even parts in front.  This can throw off all your car’s warning sensors or make the car more difficult to drive.  Plus, a compromised frame will be more likely to fail in the event of another collision, reducing your safety in an accident.  You’ll need a high-quality Spruce Grove body shop to get it back into shape.

  1. Trunk malfunctions

Sure, your trunk isn’t a vital component when driving – but you don’t want it popping open while you’re going 100kph down the highway!  It’s particularly common to have issues with a trunk’s latch or lock following a rear-end, and that’s more serious than most people think.

Grove Collision Repairs Has You Covered

We’ve been one of Spruce Grove’s leading body shops for over 40 years!  Contact us directly to schedule an appointment.


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