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Don’t Ignore Those Fender-Benders. Even Minor Collision Repair Should Be Done ASAP!

By gc-adminpanel on 1 February 18 Blog

collision repairA car’s bumper is made to be abused, and in the life of a car, you’re going to get dents and dings in your bumper.  They might be from extremely minor collisions, or even from something as simple as an errant shopping cart banging into your car.

It can be tempting to ignore the damage.  After all, it’s just a bumper – right?  Well, it’s true that minor bumper damage isn’t going to affect the car’s performance.  However, there are still some very good reasons to take it in for collision repair even for such a minor problem!

Plus – it’s cheap to fix a bumper.  You won’t be out much.

Three Reasons to Get Collision Repair on Your Minor Fender Damage  

  1. Even minor dents will hurt the resell value

When buyers are looking at used cars, un-fixed dents are a big red flag. Regardless of how well you’ve taken care of your vehicle otherwise, someone seeing a dent in your fender is going to assume the car has not been properly maintained.  This can lower the resell value, as well as extending the time it takes to sell the vehicle.

  1. Higher chances of failure

While a damaged bumper may not affect on-road performance, it could affect the bumper’s performance if you’re in another accident.  There could easily be structural damage beneath the bumper which causes it to fail when you really need it, leading to worse damage to the car or even higher chance of injury.

In particular, the spring-like impact absorbers in between the bumper and the car body are basically built to fail.  They can easily be damaged even in very minor collisions, leading to little or no protection in the future.

  1. Problems with future insurance claims

We all know that insurance adjusters will look for any reason to deny payout, or at least reduce the amount of payout that they have to make.  If you’re in an accident in the future, the presence of other structural damage on your car is basically handing them an excuse to downgrade your claim.  It might not be right, but it’s how these things tend to work.

For Affordable Collision Repair, Come to Grove

Grove Collision Repair has over forty years’ experience providing great body shop and repair work to Spruce Grove and surrounding areas.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.


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